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We work with the widest range of clients imaginable but most of them, whatever their background, have great difficulty identifying and evidencing their transferable skills. Career services offered at school, university, with employers, or from other career organisations, do not seem to provide a way to do this.  Understanding what skills we have, an audit, of sorts, is an essential first step to understanding the skills we may need to develop in the future.  Additionally,  most clients are not researching future macro megatrends, especially those which could affect their careers: surprisingly, this also seems to  apply to  those working in the technology sectors,  who often lack the macro perspective of technological change.

However, at IntegralCareer, we help our clients break down this process into two key types of analysis:

1. Individual Analysis. Primarily by analysing work experience, interactively with a consultant. The key is the interaction in talking openly and analysing all of their work experience, in a confidential setting which is something most people have never done. Through this process, much data which is key for career decision making can be extracted. Examples are integral skills with evidence; values, traits, interests and patterns; career and life formula to thrive (i.e. which skills, industries, values, people, interests, etc. need to be included in one’s own career) as well as a complete chronological write up of all early life and work experience.

2. Future of Work Analysis. Never before in our working environment,  has understanding our macro context been more important. Technological change is exponential, so we all need to become experts  quickly in our own macro as well as global contexts. Given all of this, there are now excellent resources now freely available to individuals and organisations in written and video formats on Google and YouTube.

Here are some resources we would recommend and articles you can read on the future of skills:

The 10+ Most Important Job Skills Every Company Will Be Looking For in 2020. Forbes, Oct 2019.

This is helpful to understand what the World Economic Forum predicts will be key for individuals.

The Future of Work: Rethinking Skills to Tackle the UK’s Looming Talent Shortage. McKinsey and Company; Nov. 2019.

An insightful look from McKinsey about what skills, in what industries, the UK will have significant talent shortages in.

Decoding Global Trends in Upskilling and Reskilling, Boston Consulting Group, 2019.

BCG’s results from the largest ever survey of labour trends and work preferences: 366,000 people in 197 countries and The Network recruitment firm as part of the Decoding Global Talent report series.

Gwendolyn Parkin

Director of IntegralCareer, VP HBS Club London, consultant, speaker and course tutor supporting clients create careers that transition into the future of work.

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