“The best way to predict the future is to create it”.

Abraham Lincoln

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The Future of Work
And its impact on careers

Here are some of the resources around the Future of Work that we find useful.

The term Future of Work started appearing more frequently about 5-6 years ago as a catch all concept for changes that exponential growth of technology is having on the world of work and life.  This body of knowledge is essential for everyone to master as all careers will be affected by the exponential changes taking place. We will direct you to the best resources, links to online in video and digital content formats with some of the best organisations such as Deloitte Singularity, McKinsey and The World Economic Forum.

Dr. Peter Diamandis

LiveWorx Keynote on Exponential Tech: Disruption on the Road Ahead, (but the most extraordinary time for human beings ever).  Jul 2, 2019

Dr. Peter Diamandis

Co founder Deloitte Singularity University, SU Global Summit 2019. Keynote explores the virtually unlimited possibilities of our exponential universe. Nov 2, 2019

Dr. Vivienne Ming

Dr. Vivienne Ming and The Future of Work, YPO EDGE 2019

Dr Vivienne Ming

99U Conference with Dr. Vivienne Ming 2019

Ramez Naam

Exponential Innovation, Singularity University Spain Summit. Ramez is a computer scientist, futurist, and award-winning author. April 15, 2019

SU Global Summit 2019

Panel: Exponential Transformation: in a session moderated by SU’s Lisa Kay Solomon, Hagel, Li, and Davis are joined by Brightline Initiative’s Ricardo Vargas; Oct 22, 2019

Amin Toufani

Economics Chair Exponential Business Models, SU Global Summit 2019, Nov 21, 2019.

Ramez Naam
Exponential Innovation | SingularityU Spain Summit 2019
Dr. Vivienne Ming

Dr. Vivienne Ming and The Future of Work, YPO EDGE 2019

Peter Diamandis
XPRIZE Founder Peter Diamandis On Why The Future is Brighter Than You Think

When she rises we all rise.

Peter Diamandis

Traditional education is losing relevance.  Here’s what’s replacing it.


No time to retire.  Redesigning work for our ageing workforce.


What is work.  In the age of artificial intelligence, the answer to a more optimistic future may lie in redefining work itself.

McKinsey & Company

Seven Essential Elements of A Lifelong Learning Mindset.


Reworking the revolution 2017.

Tim Jurka

A Look Behind the AI that Powers LinkedIn’s Feed

Future of Work

Report by McKinsey

Navigating a World  of Disruption

Report by McKinsey

Lynda Gratton

The 100-Year Life, and other books

Prof Klaus Schwab

The Fourth Industrial Revolution

Harnessing Our Digital Future: Machine, Platform, Crowd

Professor Andrew McAffee and Erik Brynjolfsson, 2017

Martin Ford

The Rise of Robots

Sapiens: A Brief History of Humankind and Homo Deus: A Brief History of Tomorrow

Yuval Noah Harari, 2014 & 2016

An outstanding set of books to understand the  big picture of human development in the past, and possible human development into the future.

Ryan Avent

The Wealth of Humans

Carl Benedikt Frey

The Technology Trap, 2019

Deep Thinking: Where Machine Intelligence Ends and Human Creativity Begins

Gary Kasparov

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