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Your Experience Creates Your Brain;
It is Your Most Valuable Asset

By the time you are 35, you will have 306,600 hours of total experience (8,760 hours alive in one year multiplied by your age); when you approach 50, your total experience will be close to ½ million hours!  Is it a physical asset? Yes, we now know from neuroscience that every minute of experience creates the structure of the brain: throughout your entire life, every time you change your experience you will change your brain.

Invest Your Most Valuable Asset For Best Returns

Every 24 hours, you invest your total experience and brain in range of professional and personal activities. Every minute of that 24 hours also  you a return for your investment of time and your most valuable asset.  One can define return in many ways: financial, overall professional and personal growth: for example skill development, contributing to a purpose or a cause you believe in, relationships and type of impact you want to have. Define your return. Each day you invest this asset in activities, defining what an ideal return is will help you invest wisely, and sustainably i.e. financial, impact, learning. We are our experience, a combination of nature and nurture which no one else can replicate.

Analyse What You Have And Where You Are Investing

However, according to our research, career consulting approaches do not seem to have a methodology for analysing experience; professional or personal. It is extraordinary therefore, that most people seem to use analysis for everything except their careers and lives: typically writing a CV, taking a psychometric test, or getting advice is the closest we come to any kind of career analysis.

Therefore, we had to invent a methodology to provide a properly analytical career consulting service. We use a combination of key disciplines which surface the data you need to make career decisions and present yourself accurately in person and on line.

The IntegralCareer Process Provides the Best Analysis For A Career That Fits You and The Future

1. Key Analysis Tools: interaction, writing and research used with complete confidentiality. We have found that most clients have never talked through or written about all their work or life experience, from age 0 to present. This type of analysis surfaces data in a way nothing else does.

2. Multiple Discipline

a. Experience Analysis: the whole database, with interactive and written analysis.

b. Psychological: psychotherapy, and neuroscience to understand how your career   has been or can be influenced by your mind and brain: where all the data is.

c. Business, commercial. We often find that career content produced by clients is full of gross generalisations: we ensure it full of facts, numbers and real impact.

d. Energy Engagement. The one most simple ‘psychometric’ test to determine what you do: if it engages for the right reasons, do it, if not don’t!.

e. Language. Neuroscientists tell us you can change a pattern by naming it, and the best brands find best language to communicate authentically


3. Outputs

The outputs which emerges from the analysis done, gives clients key information they need to make career decisions, design a career that fits, work through issues, and present themselves  most effectively, whether its via a CV, Linked in or in an interview, among many other applications.

a. Work and Life Experience Analysis (full database)

b. Observation Log Data

c. Values, Traits, Interests, Patterns

d. Skill Sets with Evidence and Transferability

e. Key Career & Life Needed Content To Thrive

4. External Analysis and Applications

a. Future of Work and Industries Analysis

b. 1) Human: Networking, Interviewing, Branding, Politics. 2) Digital: Linked In, Website, Tweeting, etc.

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