“I stopped emulating others and led in a way that felt true to me.
So trust yourself and your own voice.”
Melinda Gates

Leadership Development
Leading yourself and others to ‘disrupt’ for a better future

Leadership Development integrates the analysis of Career Consulting and Executive Coaching, but with additional focus on developing a leadership style that is based on one’s  nature, as well as being attuned to rapid future change. Leaders will require skills such as managing technology, adapting organisations, reskilling people, managing diversity and globalisation, enabling creativity and innovation and emotional intelligence. IntegralCareer will help clients understand how one can authentically lead while creating maximum impact.


Here is a guide to get you started, from one of our top recommended resources:

Disruption cannot happen without innovation.
Innovation cannot happen without experimentation.
Experimentation cannot happen without the possibility of failure.
Yet failure is one of the most terrifying human fears that often leads to innovation paralysis or disruption denial.

While the possibility of failure is most often responsible for inaction, the certainty of exponential technologies disrupting business is what drives innovation. It is what fuels the most influential, scalable, agile companies we have ever seen. Remaining comfortable with business-as-usual is no longer an option. Agile, innovative, scalable companies like Netflix, Instagram, Amazon, Airbnb, and Uber have used exponential technologies to completely disrupt the entertainment, photography, publishing, retail, hotel, and transportation industries. Some of the largest industries in the world have fallen prey to these disruptive companies. And most of them didn’t even see it coming. The convergence of exponential technologies, along with bold thinking and the willingness to take risks, is completely altering the business landscape. And that landscape is changing at an accelerating pace…

Case Study

A CEO of an educational organisation contacted IntegralCareer to help with motivating his staff to lead change. He was aware of The Future of Work, but had not spent much time educating  himself about how his iown ndustry was changing and how to convey this to his staff. He also seemed uncomfortable with authority. After our sessions, the client’s leadership style improved: he embraced his introversion and led more authentically to suit his nature which shifted and  improved his impact.  The Future of Work material that he communicated  created an enthusiasm for possible opportunities, which, in turn, inspired all of his team. Consequently, he and his team created a new strategy and his organisation is at last beginning to have a reputation for being innovative and delivering the results they targeted”.


I thought you would be interested to know that we are all thriving here at XYZ University. Both the internal analysis of myself, and external analysis of the Future of Work have helped me to be a leader I would admire: this was not a possibility in my mind before. I promise I will pass this knowledge on to all I encounter and hope that somehow we can included such learning in an educational programme. Vice Chancellor, XYZ University.

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