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How We Work

Step 1

Get in touch via our contact page by clicking on the contact tab at the top of this page. We will help with session details and pricing.

Step 2

Book a session: all our sessions are currently delivered on line due to client demand.

Step 3

Meet for your one to one session which is conducted with complete confidentiality. First we will discuss your career issues and concerns,  then we will explore your work and life experience through interactive analysis. Content is captured on a digital template which will be sent to you after the session.

Step 4

Complete career and life analysis homework to continue your self-analysis via the Integral Career Binder.

Step 5

Book follow up sessions as required to achieve further clarity on career content to make career decisions and create effective career documents. You will then develop a habit of having a career  (and life) which fit you and the future!

About Us

IntegralCareer is a future-focussed career consulting company helping people make decisions for their futures.

Career consulting for the future.

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Careers advice for the future.

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