“The only way to do great work is to love what you do.
If you have not found it yet, don’t settle; you will know when you find it.”
Steve Jobs

Career Consulting
Creating a career that fits you and the Future of Work

Career consulting is the core of IntegralCareer: the analysis done here is integrated into our other career services. Career Consulting incorporates two types of analysis that an individual needs to have a career that fits now and into the future; analysis of 1. Oneself, and 2. the Future of Work trends. The IntegralCareer Methodology is an interactive, analytical and interdisciplinary process that teaches clients how to develop maximum self-awareness of integral traits and skills and how to use these in an ever-changing future context.
STEP 1Analysis of Self and Future of Work
• Key Career Questions
• Work and Life Experience: From start to now
• Interactive Process: One to one, and groups
• Interdisciplinary: Business, Psychological, Neuroscience, and Future of Work
STEP 2Concrete Outputs: IntegralCareer Content
• “Professional DNA”
• Values, Traits, Interests, and Patterns
• Skills Set with Evidence
• Career and Life Formula to Thrive
• Work and Life Experience Analysis Documentation
STEP 3Applications for Career Fulfilment and Success
• Authentic Branding and Career Strategy in the Future of Work
• Human or Digital Applications such as Interviewing, Networking, Workplace Politics, Linked In, Digital searches, Website, Maximising Commercial Impact
STEP 4Self Awareness
A Methodology to develop a habit of Solid Self Awareness: a necessary foundation for authentic professional and personal development now and into the future.
Case Study

An investment industry Director arrived at IntegralCareer very unhappy at work wondering if he needed to start all over. Through the IC analysis, it became clear that he loved the investment industry but not the damaging culture, politics, and personality of the boss of his particular firm.   After our sessions, the client found another role in the investment industry with aspects of the industry that he loved, but in a culture that was innovative and developmental, and for the first time ever: he enjoyed his work.


I just wanted to follow up to say thank you after working together earlier this year:  it really helped me to better define my values and goals and think about my career path. I have since secured a perfect role at XYZ Investment Management Firm, but also had to say no to a second job offer at a large US bank! I am delighted to report, that for the first time in my life, I am actually properly enjoying my job. Director, Investment Management.

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