Careers that fit you
and the future

Careers that fit you
and the future

A sustainable career with purpose

IntegralCareer is for everyone: from first job to post retirement.Through indepth analysis of your  experience (your Most Valuable Asset) and future of work trends, we help you create a career with unprecedented impact.
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Career Consulting

Our consulting enables individuals, groups and organisations across all sectors to develop high impact, future-focused and meaningful careers.
Career Education
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Career Education

We curate lectures, events and academic courses for business, charity and educational organisations such as Harvard Business School, and The School of Life.


Events & Webinars

MBA Courses

Future of Work
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Future of Work

90% of our clients have not analysed how The Future of Work will affect their careers. We find the best resources to help you transition into the future.




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Our expertise

When I decided to make a career change 25 years ago, I had some career consulting at one of the top firms. But I found the whole process very superficial – it focused on psychometrics, basic CV adjustments, and a little training on interviewing skills. I decided that people needed something much better.

IntegralCareer was born 25 years ago, when Gwendolyn Parkin created something that did not exist: a professional services level career consulting process with rigour. By teaching clients how to analyse, express and invest their Most Valuable Asset: their work and life experience. This process gives clients an indepth understanding of 1). Self; i.e. skills with evidence, values, traits, interests, purpose as well as 2). Future of Work trends. Using interactive analysis with disciplines derived from a Harvard MBA, an MA in Psychotherapy, Neuroscience, and Macroeconomics, amongst others is at its core.

IntegralCareer has delivered 25 years of career services to 5000+ diverse, multi-cultural, industry, sector, clients with roles ranging from CEOS to students: and has demonstrated that it can work for everyone. The IntegralCareer expertise has been featured in publications including the Daily Telegraph, the Evening Standard, the Sunday Telegraph, the Daily Mail, and Changeboard, a leading CEO magazine.
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“Thank you for all your help, analysis and guidance last Summer/Autumn. Our conversations and work helped enormously and the move to my new firm feels like a career step taken for the right reasons, and not because I am following someone else or am in a blind panic!”

Account Director, PR Agency

“I emerged after the consultations with a clear sense of what is important to me professionally, what would fulfil me personally, and the courage to achieve it. If you’re an MBA, get your Career Services Department to bring her in! If you’re stuck in a rut, call her!”

Harvard MBA, Executive Director, Real Estate Investment

“Yesterday’s session with you was a real turning point for me, one that I think I’ll look back on in the years to come… being able to discuss my thoughts with you in person was so refreshing…I left the session with the feeling that I’d taken the first steps on a journey to finding a career that will excite and fulfil me and I can’t thank you enough for this. I feel ready to turn down the top banking role, delighted I am now creating  a career that engages me!

University graduate, who is thriving in his portfolio career

“Saying that I enjoyed the time with you would be wholly inadequate and a huge understatement. I felt like several light bulbs went on. It was wonderful to be able to talk about so many aspects of my life and career and have a framework to develop within. It feels so freeing…It was a very inspiring two hours and filled me with energy. My confidence is building again and this is playing a big part.”

Senior Manager, Energy Firm 

“Gwendolyn, thank you again so much for yesterday.  It was absolutely mind blowing.  It is a whole new way of approaching work.  It was absolutely extraordinary to see and understand the various forces which have all played a part in shaping and creating my present. It’s a truly fascinating process! My mind is buzzing!”

Historian and Lecturer

Latest news

Read our latest blog posts and find out how can you change or improve your career immediately.
COVID 19: How it Affects The Future of Work
COVID 19: How it Affects The Future of Work
Harvard Business School’s Project on Managing the Future of Work pursues research that business and policy leaders can put into action to navigate this complex landscape. The Project’s current research areas focus on six forces that are redefining the nature of work in the United States as well as in many other advanced and emerging economies.
Working Remotely To Future and ‘Pandemic’ Proof Your Career
Working Remotely To Future and ‘Pandemic’ Proof Your Career
Given the exponential rise in technology over the last 40 years, working remotely, ie from home  or anywhere else for that matter, has never been more possible, popular or necessary especially now during given our current pandemic.  The Office of National Statistics has estimated that by the end of 2020, 50% of the UK workforce will be working remotely.
An IntegralCareer Consulting Gift for 2020!
An IntegralCareer Consulting Gift for 2020!
IntegralCareer consulting is the perfect experiential gift for a family member or friend who may need some career support. A gift of some career consulting time with an industry-leading expert coach could be the perfect choice for anyone who needs support.

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IntegralCareer is a future-focussed career consulting company helping people make decisions for their futures.

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