“People with the best life and career outcomes, are those who use their natural, human talents with purpose.”

Dr. Vivienne Ming, PhD’s in Neuroscience and AI, Deloitte Singularity University

Career Services for Individuals and Organisations
Career Consulting, Career Education and Future of Work Resources

Whether you would like to have Career Consulting, Career Education, or access to Future of Work resources, the IntegralCareer multidisciplinary methodology is a core part of every service. This is because it facilitates a thorough analysis of the individual, and the contexts of his/her group/team, organisation, the industry and the macro/Future of Work trends.

“Once you are this self aware with the data rich IntegralCareer process, the tasks of execution and real leadership are much easier.”

Career Consulting
Career Consulting

Career Consulting is the core of IntegralCareer: the analysis done here is integrated into all of our other career services below. Career Consulting incorporates two types of analysis that an individual needs, to have a career that fits now, and into the future; analysis of: 1. Oneself, and 2. the Future of Work trends. The IntegralCareer Methodology is an interactive, analytical and interdisciplinary process which teaches clients how to develop maximum self awareness of integral traits and skills as well as as how to use these in the an ever changing future context.

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Executive Coaching

Execution in any endeavour, has never been more challenging or satisfying in increased impact, due to unprecedented, technological, exponential change. Executive Coaching integrates all of the analysis in Career Consulting, but with additional emphasis on the current role fit, the organisational context, strategy and long term performance goals to ensure maximum impact and execution. Additional analysis such as corporate political landscape, 360 degree feedback, and psychometric tests are used to ensure maximum impact if relevant.

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Leadership Development

Leadership Development integrates the analysis of Career Consulting and Executive Coaching, but with additional focus on developing a leadership style that is based on one’s  nature, as well as attuned to rapid future change. Leaders will require expertise such as managing technology, adapting organisations, reskilling people, managing diversity and globalisation, enabling creativity and innovation and emotional intelligence. IntegralCareer will help clients understand how one can authentically lead while creating maximum impact.

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Career Education

IntegralCareer believes a revolution is necessary in all types of services, especially now when career paths are changing rapidly. To leverage our impact, we also offer our content in a wide variety of educational formats either describing the IntegralCareer process or introducing key career topics about the Future of Work. These are created in a variety of enterprises as well as educational organisations such Harvard Business School (at its London Club, or creating a Global Webinar) or at St. Gallen University (a required MBA course called Career Strategy).

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Future of Work Resources

The term Future of Work started appearing more frequently about 5-6 years ago as a catch all concept for changes that exponential growth of technology is having on the world of work and life. This body of knowledge is essential for everyone to master as all careers will be affected by the exponential changes taking place. We will direct you to the best resources, links to online video and digital content formats with some of the best organisations such as Deloitte Singularity, McKinsey and The World Economic Forum.

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Consulting for Organisations

Together with the CEO, HR Director, or other members of the organisation, IntegralCareer can help create and design whatever career development the strategy requires from the line to the C Suite. An IntegralCareer Programme could include Career Consulting, Executive Coaching, Leadership Development and Events for one or a few members of staff, or an organisational intervention which delivers career development to the whole organisation, and introduces an essential culture for the The Future of Work: adaptable, innovative, and impactful.

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