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“Gwendolyn was truly outstanding.  I was so impressed by her approach, she is in a league of her own.”

Career Services Director, MBA Programme 

“The session was probably one of the most insightful discussions I have ever had and helped me connect many disparate experiences and thoughts in ways I never fully realized. Most importantly, I think it was a great confidence booster. I had been feeling unsettled about many things in my professional life for a while – but until now I couldn’t fully articulate why.   I realize that I have a lot of work ahead but I think I can now move forward with more assurance because I better understand where I’ve been and where I want to go. A million thank you!” 

Strategic Consultant, Logistics

“Saying that I enjoyed the time with you would be wholly inadequate and a huge understatement. I felt like several light bulbs went on. It was wonderful to be able to talk about so many aspects of my life and career and have a framework to develop within. It feels so freeing. Thank you so much for your help.

I’ve begun my work experience analysis today and would very much like to work with you again. It was a very inspiring (almost) two hours and filled me with energy. The timing was perfect too and I’d recommend it as a great way to spend time in your last day in a job, especially after redundancy. My confidence is building again and this is playing a big part.”

Director, Service Industry, London

“Gwendolyn has helped to revamp my CV, but most importantly, she worked with me to figure out my career vision and professional goals, and not just going for the next job. She uses both personal and professional life experiences, psychology and analytical tools, to break through our (conscious and unconscious) limiting beliefs and habits that have formed over the years. I emerged on the other end with a clear sense of what is important to me professionally, which would fulfil me personally, and the courage to achieve it. If you’re an MBA student, get your Career Services Department to bring her in! If you’re stuck in a rut, call her!”

Executive Director, Real Estate Investment

“I have been meaning to write to let you know my news. I resigned from (a PR agency) just before Easter and in June I begin a new job as Account Director for (new PR agency)  – a small PR agency growing rapidly into Africa and Asia. Plans are afoot to open offices in Accra, Lagos, Abidjan and NYC as well as Hong Kong and Singapore. I will be based in London but with the opportunity for extended periods of travel. Most importantly I will be working with like-minds, rather than on the periphery of a financial services business.  

Thank you for all your help and guidance last Summer/Autumn. Our conversations helped enormously and the move to my new firm feels like a career step taken for the right reasons (not because I am following someone else or am in a blind panic). I also continue to see the psychotherapist you referred me to, and find my sessions with her enormously helpful. So, thank you. I hope our paths will cross again sometime and that all is well with you.”

Account Director, PR Agency, London

“It’s been a little while but I just thought I’d drop you a line and give you a quick update on my ‘dream’ job hunt. After sending my re-vamped CV out, I received some feedback from companies who said that I was applying for roles that I was too experienced for (which was also Twitter’s feedback to me in May). With this in mind, I started to apply for more senior posts and I’m really happy to say that I’ve just accepted an amazing role at Microsoft.  I honestly would not have dreamt of applying for the role this time last year and it has made me question my confidence (or lack of!) in myself.  It will be a big challenge but I’m sure that I can do it.

I just wanted to say thanks for all of your help with my CV and helping me to really focus in on what my key skills and achievements have been. I’m sure I would not have got this role if I had applied using my old CV.”

Director, IT Industry, London

“Yesterday’s session with you was a real turning point for me, one that I think I’ll look back on in the years to come. I believe I have always been self aware but being able to discuss my thoughts with you in person was so refreshing and translated the thoughts and feelings I’ve been having about my career and life into something more real and tangible. I left the session with the feeling that I’d taken the first steps on a journey to finding a career that will excite and fulfil me and I can’t thank you enough for this.

This process is very important to me and I feel that it should be allowed to flow and come to a conclusion naturally, so would be delighted to continue working with you after our next session as well, should we need to do so.

Thanks again for your help and I very much look forward to our next session – I really can’t express how pleased I am with my decision to start this process with you.”

Recent Oxbridge Graduate, London

“Gwendolyn Parkin is the best career advisor I have experienced. She has a holistic approach to all areas involved, through career decision making to tailored job searches. Her expertise in psychology and psychoanalysis plays a key role in how she works with you to reanalyse what you want, and what influences your decisions. 

The Integral Binder, which Gwendolyn provides, is full of useful exercises which enables you to realise what you really want from a job and why. It helps you to self examine what values or patterns we develop during the process of employment and job search. She also encouraged me to write an Observation Log, which particularly helped me dealing with negative thoughts about myself and job search and seeing it from a different perspective.

During the CV sessions, Gwendolyn searches for the tinniest details which you may overlook, in order to help asses your workflow. After the first session with Gwendolyn I started having job interviews, during the next sessions I had created an extended version of my CV, which helped me vastly during further interviews.

Gwendolyn is an incredibly intelligent and wise woman who can help you when experiencing problems with starting, or progressing with your career. She will lead you through the whole process of exploring your existing skills and properly showcasing your experience. Gwendolyn provides a highly constructive way to organise and present your self to employers; more importantly she does so with great knowledge, understanding, guidance and a positive attitude. I can’t recommend Gwendolyn enough.

Manager, Entertainment Industry, London

“I just wanted to say thanks for all of your help with my CV and helping me to really focus in on what my key skills and achievements have been. I’m sure I would not have got this role if I had applied using my old CV.”

Director, IT Industry, London

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