“Knowing and being willing is not enough; we must apply and do”.
Leonardo da Vinci

Executive Coaching
Executing in a world with exponential change

Execution in any endeavour, has never been more challenging or satisfying in increased impact, due to unprecedented, technological, exponential change. Executive Coaching integrates all of the analysis in Career Consulting, but with additional emphasis on the current role fit, the organisational context, strategy and long term performance goals to ensure maximum impact and execution. Additional analysis such as corporate political landscape, 360 degree feedback, and psychometric tests are used to ensure maximum impact if relevant.
STEP 1Client Role Analysis
• Performance vs KPI’s
• Key Issue Analysis
• Observation Log Monitoring
STEP 2Organisational, Industry and Macro Context Analysis
• Organisational System, Strategy and Culture
• Industry Dynamics
• Macro, Future and Technological Impact
STEP 3Action Planning, Implementation and Results
• Actions and KPIs
• Progress Timetable
• Coaching Impact and Results
STEP 4Key Career Data Collection
• Values, Traits and Interests and Patterns
• Skill Sets with Evidence
• Role Analysis: Current and Career Progression
• Work and Life Experience Analysis Documentation
Case Study

A Healthcare Manager contacted IntegralCareer after being made redundant: it was unexpected and unexpected and left her without confidence. Through the IC analysis, she clarified her patterns, skills and the role she wanted. She eventually landed her dream job but was worried about keeping it, so carried on with Executive Coaching. Through regular meetings, the client learned how to continue using her excellent execution skills while being much better at understanding her colleagues and more effective politically. Through the last 4 years, she has been promoted three times, and is now just below C Suite team.


I cannot thank you enough for the help you have given me. The thorough analysis we did together of my life and work experience revealed so much from deeply rooted patterns, to a wide array of evidenced skills which enabled me to get the job I really want. The executive coaching helped me to execute effectively, without being held back or derailed by the politics. I realise I was limited by issues I was not even aware of. Healthcare Director

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