Executive Coaching

Executive coaching: improving your bottom line performance and career progression

Executive coaching: improving your bottom line performance and career progression.

Executive coaching: improving your bottom line performance and career progression.

Executive Coaching at Integral Career integrates all of the analysis in the Career Consulting, but in the context of the organisation and long term performance goals with additional analysis such as corporate political landscape, assessment of role and kpi fit, 360 degree feedback, and understanding of strategic context. As with Career Consulting, this analysis takes place in a discussion between the client and consultant, and sessions are scheduled in a timing which fits the clients situation.  Flipchart insights and homework assignments also all become part of the clients Integral Content Database. Together the consultation could include some or all of the following:

1. Data Collection and  Clarification : Critical Issues You Are Now  Facing in Your Role

(Data is generated from sessions; observation log; feedback from bosses, peers and direct reports; and psychometric testing if applicable)

  • Client  experience of work and  key issues impeding performance.
  • Understanding of Key Performance Indicators for the role and organisation.
  • Assessing current performance comparing KPI’s and client experience.

 2. Issue Identification and Analysis

  • Hypothesizing  and prioritizing   issues affecting work deliverables.
  • Reflecting on and analyzing  issues individually  to understand key symptoms, features and  origination.

3. Simultaneous Collection of Key Career Data During Issue Analysis

(As issues are analysed,  any data which comes up in the sessions is collected under the following analysis categories.   This data becomes part of the client’s Integral Content to assist with current and future role performance).

  1. Values, Traits and Interests and Patterns Affecting  Performance.
  2. Skill Sets with  Evidence.
  3. Current and Next  Role Analysis: What Works and What Does Not and  assessing  performance against KPI’s.
  4.  Work and Life  Experience Analyis.
  5. Observation Log.

4. Corporate Context Analysis

  • Organisational Structure Analysis: Relationships, Work flows, Culture, Key Performance Indicators  and Client  Impact.
  • Industry Analysis: Understanding Industry Dynamics, Corporate Strategy and Key Factors For Success.

  5.  Action Planning,  Implementation and Results

  • Creation of clear actions with measurable targets to address key issues.
  • Follow up progress timetable.
  • Summary of coaching impact and results.