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It all starts with  individual career clarity…

Despite unprecedented career choices and support services, many  people  can feel overwhelmed by numerous career issues such as low performance, lack of role fit, political dynamics, repeating  patterns and even  just  change, which is now in most organisations, the only constant.

However this is not surprising.   Integral Career  has found  in recent  career programmes, that most participants lacked Solid Self Awareness; or an ability to articulate basics such as their key Skills Sets with evidence;  Values, Traits Interests  and Patterns; and Role Requirements necessary for top performance.  Additionally, and perhaps most importantly, even fewer could describe their overall Professional DNA: or who they are professionally, what concretely makes them stand out from others and where they are going in the future.

For both individuals and their employers, the costs of lacking clarity can be enormous: it’s not just the  loss of  productivity, innovation, revenue and profit,  but  also the loss of truly beyond the imagination performance, creativity, meaning  and fulfilment which only comes from real clarity: both individual and  corporate.

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