Events & Workshops


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IntegralCareer Courses & Presentations

Finding a Career That Fits (formerly Finding A Job You Love Intensive)
The School of Life

Returning to Work After Children
The School of Life 

Creating a Career That Fits
Comic Relief 

Find Me Brand Me
Harvard Business School, Event for  HBS Alumni Club of London (2012)
London Business School

Do the right thing part 1: how to identify your job skills and talents
The Royal College of Art 

Analyse Me, Brand Me, Interview Me: The Three Steps to Effective Interviewing
Imperial College 

Does Social Media Improve Professional Quality of Life?
City Women’s Network 

Harvard Business School Events
Organised as VP of Careers;  HBS Alumni Club of London
Navigating Executive Search
Evolving the English National Opera Creative Mandate: Risk Taking and Creative Collaboration in the Arts
Is Your Career Unclear?: Find Me. A presentation of The Integral Process to HBS Alumni.
Rehearsal and Discussion with Vladimir Jurowsky: Principal Conductor of The London Philharmonic Orchestra . Leadership in the 21st Century Series
The Insight Edge: The Leadership Psyche in the 21st Century.  With Dr. Jeffrey Satinover, psychiatrist, neuroscientist.  Leadership in the 21st Century Series
Political Savvy at Work.
Trends in the Global Talent Market. With Korn Ferry International