Career Consulting

Career consulting: creating a career which fits you and your life

Knowledge of what is integral to you, will help you develop a career which fits you and your life.

Career consulting: creating a career which fits you and your life

Career consulting: creating a career which fits you and your life

Integral Career Consulting is an unprecedented career  process  which clarifies and resolves career issues: essential for thriving  through change. It is also a fundamental  first step to improving any performance: whether it is individual, group or an organisational consultation.

Instead of relying too much on psychometrics, preemptive actions and online searches, the Integral approach begins within, by helping clients analyse and assess their most valuable and yet most neglected asset which is their Work and Life Experience (which works out at about 8,760 hours per year!). We believe that without a concrete understanding of your life story, where you are now, and where you would like to go, it is difficult to think about or take the first steps into the  future.

Through a series of one to one sessions, and consequent homework, a client can expect a thorough investigation of his/her career and life. This is conducted in an exploratory conversation with the consultant and starts with whatever issues and questions are on the client’s mind.

The consultant will seek to clarify and crystalize by using  flipcharts to keep track of all the insights and observations which emerge. The data then becomes part of the client’s ‘Integral Content’ described below.  Overall, the client can expect from the Integral Career Consulting process:

1. Rigorous analysis of his/her Work and Life Experience, through the integration of disciplines including:  Business,  Psychotherapy, Neuroscience, Language, Mindfulness, Branding and Digital Technology.

2. A Methodology to develop a habit of Solid Self Awareness: a necessary foundation for authentic professional and personal development.

3. Concrete Outputs called Integral Content Database, this includes clarification of your:

• “Professional DNA”, or a summary of who you are professionally
• Values, Traits, Interests, and Patterns
• Skills Set with Evidence
• Role Requirements
• Complete Work  and Life Experience Analysis documentation

4. Understanding of  How to Use Integral Content for Increased Career Fulfilment and Success:

• Authentic Branding and Career Strategy
• Human or Digital Applications such as interviewing, networking, corporate politics, Linked In, Digital searches, Website, maximising Commercial impact and Employability

We work with individuals, organisations and corporate clients. Please see the Integral Process chart in the How We Work section, as well as the testimonials.